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Lost in the City

My "Lost in the City" photograph series is a deeply personal exploration of urban life and a self-exploration for me. This series is captured through the lens of my Yashica-635, a classic 6x6 120 film camera. This collection comprises 20 black and white photographs, each meticulously shot on 120 film, which adds a timeless, almost nostalgic quality to the images.


Set against the backdrop of Boston's diverse urban landscape, this series was born from countless hours of wandering through downtown. My journey was not just through the physical spaces of the city but also a voyage through its emotional and historical layers.

The varying angles and viewpoints in "Lost in the City" invite the viewer to see Boston through a different lens - quite literally. Low-angle shots emphasize the towering nature of the urban landscape, while high vantage points offer a broader, almost omniscient view of the streets. This series is not just about the architecture or the streets; it's about the stories they house and the unspoken tales they tell.


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